CHRISTMAS ISLAND or KIRITIMATI (pronounced Kiri-si-mass)

Christmas Island is the world’s largest coral atoll and part of the Republic of Kiribati. This sparsely populated island of 5000 lies 1200 miles south of Hawaii and 110 miles north of the equator in the center of the Pacific Ocean. This close proximity to the equator results in consistently optimal year-round weather, an anglers dream in any season!

Gilbertese is the official language of the island, however, the Lagoon View Resort family all speak English.

The Australian dollar is the recognized Kiritmati currency, although the US dollar is accepted as well. Plan on bringing cash for anything you may need.

Only fifteen minutes from Lagoon View, Cassidy Airport (CXI) is the only airport serving the island–with only one commercially available flight on and off the island each week.

Remote beauty has it’s trade-offs, and Kiritimati is no exception.  No real shopping is available on the island. A few, small “stores” offer a limited supply of groceries and misc. supplies. When visiting, bring everything you need! There is internet, but most will find it very slow and at times, sporadic. Medical facilities are primitive at best.

What else is there to do besides fishing? The island is an unexplored wonderland offering diving, surfing, spear fishing, birding and uninhabited beaches. As with everything on the island, you must bring your own gear.

There are very few biting bugs on Christmas Island. Bring your bug spray, but you will rarely need it!