Most travelers arrive to Christmas Island via Fiji Airways from Honolulu.  There is only one flight in and out of the island per week. When traveling from the US, it is extremely important to note that you will be crossing the International Date Line. The 3 hour flight from Honolulu leaves on Tuesday morning, but you will arrive on Kiritimati on Wednesday. The reverse is true when leaving the island. You will leave on a Wednesday morning and arrive in Honolulu on Tuesday. When arranging flights into Hawaii, you should plan on arriving on a Monday and spending the night. Your Fiji Airways flight leaves Tuesday around lunchtime. The flight leaving Christmas Island departs at 7 am and arrives in Honolulu at 10:30 am. Always leave plenty of time between flights. Please contact us with any questions when booking your flights!

Due to the remoteness of Christmas Island, you are strongly encouraged to purchase travel and/or trip interruption insurance. A chartered, private plane to get you off the island in the case of an emergency would cost tens of thousands of dollars!

Getting around in your Rental Car:

One main road provides access to most of the island. You will find ocean-side flats as you make your way around the island. Many of these flats can be seen from the main road.

A labyrinth of narrow roads lead to the endless flats of the lagoon. With relatively few landmarks, these roads can be confusing as the areas start to look the same. Google Earth and a hand held GPS can be useful navigation tools.

A Google Earth view of Christmas Island, preloaded onto your smart phone, ipad, or tablet, can make negotiating the interior much easier. Finding your own patch of fishable water is the heart and soul of DIY fishing! We will help with suggestions before you arrive.

Beware of the wet sand!

While driving, avoid areas where the sand comes near the water.  This sand is notoriously soft and mucky in these spots and you WILL get stuck. The wet sand will laugh at you as you engage your four-wheel drive, most likely burying the vehicle deeper.

The best place for fuel is between Lagoon View and the airport.  JBM offers the best variety of groceries and misc. supplies on the island.  Look for a large metal building with 2 pumps out front—you can’t miss it!